Why dogs chew and what to do about it

It can be such hard work for a dog to figure out exactly what he can chew – often it turns into a game when he picks up something you think he shouldnt have and you all go on full alert, chasing him and wrenching his mouth open to get it back… There is an easier way!

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“He knew it was wrong…”

We hear this all the time… “he knew it was wrong – he looked guilty”  Dogs dont have guilt as they are amoral and have no sense of right or wrong.  Dogs know safe and dangerous, so how do they actually see our world?

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Dogenality and recall

Your dog’s dogenality will affect his recall…. If you have been to our classes, or seen us on a 1-1 this will make sense to you!

Maisy is a Left Brain Introvert and her sister is more extroverted.

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Recall games – how to keep your dog connected

So many people have recall problems… dogs that ignore you, run around you and keep out of arms reach, perform a flypast or just refuse to come back at all.

Its really frustrating, but there is loads you can do about it!  The secret lies in being part of your dog walk with your dog – its something you do together, not him running around and you trailing along behind.  Have a look at our blog for ideas of games to keep your dog emotionally connected to your when you are out.

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Treats… a bribe or reward (pt 1)

Do you use treats as a bribe or as reward? Have a read of this blog to get ideas about why treats dont always appear to work and what to do about it!

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Nasty bitey puppy!

So you have a puppy with very sharp needle teeth… It really hurts when he bites, but what can you do?

Puppies don’t outgrow unwanted behaviour – it tends to just get worse as he gets bigger.

Here’s our blog on working with a mouthy puppy.

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Measure your partnership quiz

At training we talk a lot about building your partnership with your dog.  Rather than “I say… you do” where you are the leader and your dog the follower.  Thats the style of training we use – and it has incredible results! 

So how is your partnership with your dog?

Try our quiz and see how well you score!

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