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At Dogs Naturally our ethos is that your dog should be working in partnership with you using the underpinning principles of  how dogs (and people) learn and based on a modern, science based approach.  Not the belief that your dog should do something because you say so, but because your dog wants to do it…

We offer so much more than just ‘normal dog training’.  Sure we teach the usual dog training stuff… but we also teach you how to recognise what your dog is trying to tell you, how to problem solve and fix common problems and most  importantly what strategies you need to use  in stressful situations.

We offer classes for every dog of every age, size and breed – from puppies, through wild crazy adolescents right up to a high level.  All our classes are suitable for rescue dogs depending on their age and any difficulties you are having.

We specialise in helping fearful/nervous dogs – and those dogs described as ‘stubborn’ or prone to selective hearing!  Normal dog training methods often don’t work with these dogs – but our approaches can give you great success! We aim to start you off on your journey to be teaching your dog for the rest of their life – we want you to leave us with greater understanding of how your dog learns, how to teach and how to problem solve,

We teach you skills you need to have for real, everyday situations by using modern, kind, highly effective, reward based training methods. No shouting, no punishment. Just an effective way to build a really solid partnership with your dog.

I also enjoy working with and coaching student trainers – the more trainers there are locally that work in this modern, effective way, the better it is for all our dogs!  Get in touch if you are interested.

We are also experienced in teaching and working with assistance dogs – this could be teaching a school dog, ASD support dogs and dogs to support with anxiety amongst others. Tamzin works with Pawsable as an assessor and trainer for support dogs and works in school herself and so understands what skills a school dog needs.

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“Excellent dog training classes, my very exuberant Huskie cross and I learnt so much under Tamzin’s guidance. Very knowledgeable lady with endless patience which was definitely needed in my case!! Highly recommend these classes.”

“100% recommend Dogs Naturally , really helped me with a few problems I have with my dog’s behaviour . Very knowledgeable with a gentle force free approach . Thank you .”

“Fantastic training for my Labrador. Chester was only 3 months old when we first took him to puppy class. he learned so much so quickly and continued to learn as he progressed through the classes. Can’t recommend highly enough

Tamzin and her team are excellent dog trainers. Our over excited Cockapoo, Rocky, has become much more manageable, using the clicker method. The classes are fun and informative and Tamzin is very keen to offer you extra advice wherever possible. I would highly recommend Dogs Naturally Dog Training.

I have taken both my dogs to these classes and both have got a lot out of them. Ollie is now 2 and very well trained dog. Polly was very nervous dog when she was a pup and is now 10 months old and becoming more and more confident every day. I walk both off lead and trust them both. I put that down to the classes and the advice Tamzin has given me.

Rosie is the second dog we have trained with Tamzin and both times her advice and support have been excellent. Training is always fun and informative with lots of socialisation. Tamzin and her assistants are very patient and give you and your dog lots of help when needed.