Dogenality – the basics

Over our years of dog training we have refined our methodology to try to help every dog we have worked with – we have developed a method of underpining psychology which means that we can help even those dogs which are fearful (and become hysterical), fearful (and can shut down), ‘bossy’ and do what they like and ‘stubborn’ and ignore you completely!

Here’s the shortened version of Dogenality which begins to give you a tool to communicate effectively with your dog – regardess of their dogenality!

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Jumping up

Jumping up… Its such a common problem. Its something we get asked about constantly.


So what can you do? Have a look at our blog to see how to work with your dog to teach him that jumping up is not the way to go!


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What motivates your dog to work with you?


This blog was promoted by recent conversations with people about what they think motivates their dog to learn, and to actively choose to work with you…

Clue… its not always food!!

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Creative dogs…. What’s not to love?


The idea of creativity in your dog can be an interesting one….

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How do dogs learn?

There is science to underpin the methods we use to teach our dogs – in this blog, we review the science and how it is used to teach our dogs.

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Whats in dog food?

There are so many diferent kind of dog food – from the very cheap to the very expensive… How do you choose what and how to feed?

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The effect of diet on dog behaviour and learning

What we feed our dogs can have a profound effect on their behaviour, health and learning.

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Dogs, fireworks and thunderstorms


Dogs can either be quite happy to watch storms and fireworks, bark wildly or be terrified… 

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How does your behaviour affect your fearful dog

Your behaviour has a big impact on your dog and how reactive he gets.


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Teaching an emergency recall

Teaching your dog an extra recall cue – to be used in an emergency when your usual cue is not working!

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