Want to take part in dog sports?

We don’t have a specific class for teaching agility, mostly due to a lack of a suitable venue.

We do use agility equipment in our higher level classes to build control and confidence. These skills can then be transferred into a local agility club. Often we have handlers start with us on these whilst they wait for a place to come available in an agility club.

We do teach using Hoopers (a form of low contact agility) – its fun and a great teaching tool for distance and direction. It really adds to your off lead skills!

If you are interested in showing your dog, we can teach ringcraft skills – how to teach your dog to run out, self-stack in front of the judge, accept handling by a stranger and so on. Again, we don’t run a class for this, but can build these into a term if you are interested.

For us, it’s not about how high your dog can jump, or how fast he can complete the course, it’s all about what he learns and how this translates to everyday dog ownership…