Also known as the wild and excitable!

Nearly everyone will have a dog which at some point turns into an unruly beast!  Commonly these are adolescents who have forgotten everything you have ever taught them, any dog that is wild and overexcitable, or dogs who you just can’t seem to get through to any more…

So, we designed this class with these dogs in mind!  This class is all about teaching self-control, working with distractions, addressing frustration and getting your unruly beast to listen to you!

This class is also suitable for an older rescue dog as we can teach them similar content but adapt it if they are more laid back or you have different concerns.

What style of training do we use?

Like our other classes, we teach Clicker training; a modern, reward based, highly effective style of training which encourages your dog to use his brain and be a partner in your training.  It’s not just using treats to get results – it teaches your dog to work out what you want him to do in order to earn a reward, not just following the food.

We include a lot of content which aims to teach you how to solve problems – helping you to understand how your dog learns so you can future proof your skills if other issues arise.

Like the puppy class, we offer lesson plans each week which are sent by email (which include additional tips and content) and handouts to support the learning, as well as having 1 week of the class which is an online only class so we can make 1:1 Zoom or phone calls to all handlers.  This allows us to offer personalised support to help you.

What does training cover?

Like our other classes we teach a mastery curriculum which covers typical problems as well as more formalised training. This builds skills week on week, to embed learning for your dog, even when they are distracted. This will include

  • Teaching calmness
  • Addressing and resolving recall and walking on lead related issues
  • Problem solving common issues like jumping up, stealing, guarding, barking, wildness with visitors and so on…

As well as anything else which comes up as an issue for the whole group.

What about my specific problems?

Like our other classes, although we teach you as a group, we work alongside you and your dog to set you specific tasks to address your problem areas.

We always recap on the previous weeks tasks to see what progress you have made, and alter your targets to help you further if you need it, or we will set a more advanced task to stretch you both further…