How are classes run?

We run a range of different classes, depending on the age of your dog and any particular issues you may wish to address.

Puppy preschool & Creche
Beginners class
Unruly Beasts
Higher level classes

Why are our classes different?

At many other training classes, people join and leave classes all the time, dogs are barking and throwing themselves around, and frequently the trainer stands in the middle of the room shouting out instructions in the chaos…..

We believe that this doesn’t help dogs to learn, makes owners feel uncomfortable and is very stressful for both dog and human!

We run 7 week terms so you know how long you are signing up for.

We have limited class sizes – our maximum class number is 8 dogs per class, and in classes where we have dogs and handlers needing more support, class numbers are kept smaller.  We generally have 2 trainers in each class who will both work alongside you to teach and support you.

We are very careful in placing dogs in a class so that they can cope and learn.  Any dog displaying stressed behaviour (barking, lunging or hiding) will be moved to a stage place where available, since they are unable to learn in this mental and emotional state.

When you come to see our classes you will rarely see a barking dog!

What do we teach?

We teach real life skills – sure there is the basic skill set – walking on lead, recall, wait, sit, down etc, but we teach far more – some of these skills are ‘gateways’ to tackling real problems such as teaching your dog to be relaxed and calm in difficult situations, working at distance and being reliable off lead.

Although we teach you as a class, we work with you all as individuals – providing alternative solutions or teaching methods and giving you all individual targets to work on each week and we will give you a folder of information and handouts to support your training.

We use equipment throughout all our classes – it teaches self control to the wild and confidence to the uncertain! Your dog’s best ever present will be cones!

Who can come to the classes?

In these times, we continue to keep numbers attending as low as possible, so 2 people from a family can attend with 1 dog.

Children can attend but they will need another adult with them if they are under 10 – its just too hard working with a dog AND minding a child at the same time! Children are welcome to join in but again those under 10 will need an adult holding the end of the lead at the same time – for safety.