What do I need to bring?

• Poo bags every week
• Some toys for your dog to play with during rest breaks – preferably enrichment food toys (stuffed Kong, Lickimat etc)
• A large supply of treats (see below) and a bag with easy access to put them in
• Mat or blanket large enough for your dog to lay on

Acceptable collar and leads

• Dogs should wear a collar (flat collar of either a buckle or snap lock) and/or a harness (such as a Perfect Fit harness but not a car harness in class please).
• We do not allow choke (check) chains, shock or prong collars or half-checks in class.
Leads should be flat and wide enough not to hurt your hands if your dog pulls. Leads should be either nylon or leather at approx. 1.5-2m long
• We do not allow retractable leads (these are clumsy and encourage your dog to go where he likes) nor chain leads

Suitable types of harness

Any harness which fastens at the chest rather than between the shoulder blades and is ‘H’ shaped to allow for natural movement by the dog.

• Perfect Fit are an excellent brand as you buy the harness straps individually so as your dog grows and matures you can replace a strap rather than the whole harness. Perfect fit website: https://www.dog-games-shop.co.uk/
• T-touch harnesses can be found online https://www.cetaceapublishing.com/product/ttouch-harness/

Treats for class

Please bring lots of treats, cut up fairly small to class. Human food treats work best – these include:
• Sausage
• Cheese
• Chicken
• Hot dog
• Left over roast meat

If you bring an enrichment toy – please bring something to refill, or several interactive toys

While your dog may eat commercial dog treats at home, normal shop bought treats, or worse still a handful of his dinner, will not be enough to keep and hold his attention in class. Especially when everyone else around him (including us) has great really yummy treats!

We sell bags of sausage for £1 so if you fly out of the door or haven’t had time to get some, you can get some for the class.