There is an increasing demand to train dogs to work as assistance dogs and we are experienced in helping people to prepare for the assessments with official organisations such as:

Pets as Therapy – to prepare your dog for the temperament test so that you can take your dog into organisations such as Hospitals and care homes

Pawsable – Tamzin is an assessor and trainer for Pawsable who train and qualify dogs to work with people with Autism

Therapy Pets Nationwide – enabling dogs to go into schools as reading dogs

We have also worked with hearing dogs and those which support mental health – to continue to broaden and support the specialist training the dog has already received.

School dogs

Tamzin has many years of experience working in Primary schools and is well aware of the environment that a school dog needs to work in!

Useful information on Dogs Trust

Information for school leaders

How do I book this and what does it cost?

Pawsable – these sessions must be arranged with Pawsable who then facilitate the arrangements with Tamzin as one of their assessors and trainers.

All other training is undertaken through our normal classes. We can then offer customised adaptations to the training in class to specifically prepare for assessment such as temperament testing. There are no additional costs, other than class costs. We do not offer formal assessments for any charity other than Pawsable, but we will support you to prepare your dog in readiness.

We also offer APDT Good Companion Awards which are a built in part of our classes, which also support towards your assistance dog preparation and training.