1:1 sessions and Walk and Train

For some dogs, and families, classes are not the right choice…

  • You may have very specific problems such as barking at the TV, attention seeking, stealing food and growling – all in one dog….
  • Behavioural issues rather than training issues
  • Your dog might be fearful or aggressive with other dogs and so not be able to cope in a class
  • You have issues that only occur on a dog walk and so wouldn’t be seen in class
  • You are unable to attend classes
  • You may live away from our immediate area, and still want our help to address your specific issues
  • You may need to sort out your dog’s behavioural problems before being able to attend classes

In these instances, we recommend a 1: 1 session. This can be in person, or by video call.

What does this involve?
I will initially have a phone discussion about your specific circumstances. We recommend you write a list of all the issues you have, and any specific situations they occur in so that we can address these during our session together.

I will arrange to either come out and see you, your family (if necessary) and your dog, or we will agree a time to have a video appointment. Not all issues need to be addressed in person as some can be successfully resolved remotely with coaching.

I offer in person sessions on Wednesday daytimes, but can offer Zoom sessions on some evenings if necessary.

During our session we will discuss the problems, and I will give you strategies and resources to deal with these. I offer a backup service included in the cost, so that you can call/email/text to update me and talk over any further problems which come up.

Will I need more than 1 session?

Some problems mean that you may require additional visits, but generally speaking one visit will set you well on the way. Some handlers like regular, spaced visits to keep them on track, and others choose one and then give updates or get phone support.

How much does this cost?
We charge £50 per hour session. Initial sessions will be 1 hour long.

Travel time will be charged for visits outside of the East Kent area if you want a 1:1 in person, but this will be agreed between us before the visit.

How do I book?

Here is the link to the booking system Book a 1 to 1 appointment.