10 rules of effective communication


So how can you communicate effectively with your dog?


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Preventing food bowl guarding


Its surprising how many dogs will guard their food bowl – from going still and being a bit stiff, to growling and snapping.  It is our responsibility to teach our dogs that having humans near their bowl is a fantastic thing.  Here’s hows to teach it

How to motivate your dog

The key to establishing and keeping communication with your dog is motivation.  Its not just food.

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Trust me – you need to know this stuff!!!

Dogenality – the basics

Over our years of dog training we have refined our methodology to try to help every dog we have worked with – we have developed a method of underpining psychology which means that we can help even those dogs which are fearful (and become hysterical), fearful (and can shut down), ‘bossy’ and do what they like and ‘stubborn’ and ignore you completely!

Here’s the shortened version of Dogenality which begins to give you a tool to communicate effectively with your dog – regardess of their dogenality!

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How do dogs learn?

There is science to underpin the methods we use to teach our dogs – in this blog, we review the science and how it is used to teach our dogs.

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How does your behaviour affect your fearful dog

Your behaviour has a big impact on your dog and how reactive he gets.


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Measure your partnership quiz

At training we talk a lot about building your partnership with your dog.  Rather than “I say… you do” where you are the leader and your dog the follower.  Thats the style of training we use – and it has incredible results! 

So how is your partnership with your dog?

Try our quiz and see how well you score!

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