Dog walking games to play


 Playing games on your dog walk helps to improve your partnership and your walking on lead skills – as well as being great fun!

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How far?…. How often?… Do I really need to dog walk?


 Do you really need to walk every day? How far is far enough? How often should you go?

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Extreme reactions to the collar and lead


Some dogs will demonstrate an extreme reaction to you producing their collar and lead.. They can leap around and you end up having to wrestle them to the floor… Alternatively your dog may hide under the chair and refuse to come out…

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Why does your dog keep leaping and pulling?


So you keep grumbling at your dog when he leaps on you when you get ready to go out… He drags you out the door despite you keep stopping and waiting, or pulling him back… Why does your dog keep doing this?

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Dog walking equipment


There is a bewildering array of collars, leads and harnesses… But what do you actually need?

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What do you do that makes your dog pull on lead?


Pulling on lead… Such a common problem.  We usually blame the dog, but how much of it is our responsibility and what can we do about it?

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