Why choose Dogs Naturally training classes?

There are quite a number of local dog training classes and freelance trainers in our local area…. So, why choose Dogs Naturally?

We believe…

  • That you shouldn’t just pick the closest class, or the cheapest class, but the class that suits how you think about dog training and about living with a dog. Ideally find time to go and watch local training classes (without your dog) to compare them to make sure you pick the right one for the right reasons!
  • That dog ‘problems’ are all interconnected. A dog that has no recall, will also probably pull on lead, jump up at people and ignore you. Its all part of the same issue – one that can be addressed when you look at the dog on a holistic level. Few training classes takes this approach – but we do!
  • In giving you the information to make informed choices about your dog – we do not ‘tell’ you what to do and expect you to do it without question or support. We give you varied options around an issue and then support you in making a choice…. What to feed? When to neuter your dog – or should you neuter your dog? Do you need a crate?
  • In providing you with a reward based method of training which is connected to dog psychology to help you build a strong partnership with your dog. Have a look at this Positive reinforcement training blog for more information
  • In teaching practical, everyday skills. We make use of working outside, at the park and walking into the village (as the weather dictates) so that you can teach in real-life situations, knowing we are there to support and help you.
  • That dog training classes should be fun, informative and useful. It shouldn’t be something you dread going to but feel you should!
  • That dog training classes should teach you and your dog as individuals, by setting you individual targets and tasks by matching your current level and considering who your dog is (since breed and temperament play a role).
  • In giving you the skills to teach your dog – so you can problem solve and teach your way through any problem that occurs in the future when you are no longer at classes
  • We have been teaching dog training for almost 20 years now and have worked with into the thousands of dogs of all different breeds, shapes and sizes. Many handlers have come back to us when they have taken on a new puppy since they enjoyed classes with us so much the first