Diet information

At Dogs Naturally we are committed to providing an all round education for your and your dog.  This extends to providing you with information about areas of your dogs life which you have choices in.  All the decisions you make with your dog should be the right ones for both of you, and be founded on an informed choice.

This extends to what you feed your dog and why.

Many people feed their dogs whatever their breeder or vet recommends.  Others buy the most expensive as they think it must be the best.  Others buy the cheapest, or whatever is on offer that week. There are so many possibilities over which brand, how do you possibly choose?

There are the following methods of feeding:

  • Complete dog food
  • Canned/wet food and dog biscuit
  • Raw meat, vegetables and biscuit
  • BARF

How can you tell whether or not what you feed your dog is having an impact on his behaviour and ability to learn? Have a look at our blog on the effect of diet on dog behaviour and learning

Have a look at our blog on So what is in dog food?  for our summary of some of the information out there…

There is so much information out there about dog food ingredients and so many brands to choose from, let alone choosing a method of feeding.

Ultimately the choice of what to feed is yours – look at all the options and pick the one you are happiest with – the one that fits your budget, your lifestyle, your dog and your ethos of feeding.  There is no right or wrong.  Just an informed choice.


FEDIAF (2008) Nutritional guidelines for complete and complementary pet food for dogs and cats.  Available here.