Are you being ignored? Teaching your dog to pay attention

Teaching your dog to look at you, regardless of distraction

So how can you teach your dog to look at you on cue?

Do dogs feel guilt?

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Do dogs feel guilt when we tell them off?

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Dominance theory – is it real or not?


There is much debate these days about whether or not ‘dominance theory’ is real or not… This blog looks at the research behind the theory and how it relates to our relationship with our dogs.

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Extreme reactions to the collar and lead


Some dogs will demonstrate an extreme reaction to you producing their collar and lead.. They can leap around and you end up having to wrestle them to the floor… Alternatively your dog may hide under the chair and refuse to come out…

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Why does your dog keep leaping and pulling?


So you keep grumbling at your dog when he leaps on you when you get ready to go out… He drags you out the door despite you keep stopping and waiting, or pulling him back… Why does your dog keep doing this?

Simple answer – because it works for him!  Click here to see why!




Preventing object and location guarding

The second in our series of blogs about preventing possessive behaviour.  This one is how to prevent object and location guarding.

Preventing food bowl guarding


Its surprising how many dogs will guard their food bowl – from going still and being a bit stiff, to growling and snapping.  It is our responsibility to teach our dogs that having humans near their bowl is a fantastic thing.  Here’s hows to teach it

Jumping up

Jumping up… Its such a common problem. Its something we get asked about constantly.


So what can you do? Have a look at our blog to see how to work with your dog to teach him that jumping up is not the way to go!


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What motivates your dog to work with you?


This blog was promoted by recent conversations with people about what they think motivates their dog to learn, and to actively choose to work with you…

Clue… its not always food!!

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Creative dogs…. What’s not to love?


The idea of creativity in your dog can be an interesting one….

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