Are you being ignored? Teaching your dog to pay attention

Teaching your dog to look at you, regardless of distraction

So how can you teach your dog to look at you on cue?

Considerations for what your dog sees as a reward

Its really important to work out what your dog considers as a reward – not what you think he thinks is rewarding as they may differ!

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Tips to maximise your dog’s ability to learn


There are things you can do which will maximise your dogs ability to learn…. What’s not to love?!

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Preventing object and location guarding

The second in our series of blogs about preventing possessive behaviour.  This one is how to prevent object and location guarding.

How to motivate your dog

The key to establishing and keeping communication with your dog is motivation.  Its not just food.

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Trust me – you need to know this stuff!!!

Crate training your dog

Lots of people use a crate but have dogs who don’t particularly like it. Or they want to teach the dog to get in a crate in the car, or go in a room behind a stair gate. 

Doesnt matter which you are trying to teach, have a read of this blog to see how.

Dogenality – the basics

Over our years of dog training we have refined our methodology to try to help every dog we have worked with – we have developed a method of underpining psychology which means that we can help even those dogs which are fearful (and become hysterical), fearful (and can shut down), ‘bossy’ and do what they like and ‘stubborn’ and ignore you completely!

Here’s the shortened version of Dogenality which begins to give you a tool to communicate effectively with your dog – regardess of their dogenality!

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How do dogs learn?

There is science to underpin the methods we use to teach our dogs – in this blog, we review the science and how it is used to teach our dogs.

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Teaching an emergency recall

Teaching your dog an extra recall cue – to be used in an emergency when your usual cue is not working!

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Why dogs chew and what to do about it

It can be such hard work for a dog to figure out exactly what he can chew – often it turns into a game when he picks up something you think he shouldnt have and you all go on full alert, chasing him and wrenching his mouth open to get it back… There is an easier way!

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